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Brent Rose

Brent Rose - Brent has over 12 years technology training and IT consulting experience and has  published numerous articles  in information technology industries. He has trained students in advanced software development and programming, software applications, and other areas within the field of computer science.  Fields in which Brent taught include Java, J2EE, EJB, COM, Corba, RMI, Jini, Advanced Swing, Crystal Reports, Visual Basic, C++, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, web design and HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, and DHTML.  Brent has trained IT workers from major corporations such as Honeywell and Verizon in advanced topics including Rational Rose, CASE technologies, UML, Booch methodology, COM, DCOM, COM+ and MTS.  He has also trained students in tools such as Borland C++, Turbo C++, Visual C++, GNU C++, Websphere, Visual Age, Visual Café,JBuilder, and JDeveloper

Course Features:
Course Outline TXT
Chapter 9
Conditional Formatting
Complex Conditional Formatting
Chapter 9 Summary
Demo - Conditional Formatting
Chapter 10
Distributing Reports
Exporting Files
Chapter 10 Summary
Demo - Reports
Chapter 11
Using the Repository
What is the Repository
The Repository Explorer
The Repository
The Database Expert
Chapter 11 Summary
Demo - Commands
Chapter 12
How to Create Complex Formulas
Reviewing Functions
Control Structures
Using Arrays
Chapter 12 Summary
Demo - Complex Formulas
Chapter 13
Report Templates
Chapter 13 Summary
Demo - Templates
Chapter 14
Summarizing Data Using Cross-Tabs
Chapter 14 Summary
Demo - Cross Tab Report
Chapter 15
Using Parameters in Reports
Default Values
Edit Masks
Chapter 15 Summary
Demo - Parameters
Chapter 16
Sub Reports
Inserting Sub Reports
Chapter 16 Summary
Demo - Sub Reports
Chapter 17
Building Specialized Reports
Running Totals
Creating Form Letters
Sort Expert
Chapter 17 Summary
Demo - Creating Form Letters