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Debbie Fierst

Tracy Berry - Has been involved graphic and web design for more than 15 years. She has utilized Adobe Photoshop on many different forms including the commercial print industry, however over the past years she has focused devoted its use primarily to web production. She has designed over 200 web sites, and in doing so has discovered many tips & tricks to improve both production and efficiency. In addition to Adobe Photoshop she is also an expert in Macromedia Flash as well as many other Macromedia products. In fact, she has been using many of the Macromedia and Adobe products since their genesis. Over the years she has demonstrated great versatility in these products, producing content of many different forms for many different types of clients.

Course Features:
Course Outline TXT
Course Introduction
Course Introduction
Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Flash Environment
Introduction to the Flash Environment
Flash Window
Flash Interface
Demo - Flash Window and Environment Overview
Document Properties
Demo - Setting Document Properties
Layers and Frames
Demo - Examine Layers and Frames
Rulers, Grids, Guides and Snapping
Demo - Examine Rulers, Grid, Guides and Snapping
Drawing Tools
Demo - Examine Drawing Tools
Using Images in Flash
Demo - View Import Process
Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 2 - Drawing in Flash
Drawing in Flash
Vector vs. Bitmap
Drawing Models
Demo - View Drawing Models
Drawing Options
Draw Basic Shapes
Demo - View Drawing Options and Create Basic Shape
Pencil Tool
Demo - Draw with Pencil Tool
Pen Tool
Demo - Draw with Pen Tool
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 3 - Using Solid and Gradient Fills
Using Solid and Gradient Fills
Creating a Gradient
Alpha Transparency
Adjusting Gradients
Gradient Transform Tool
Apply Gradient
Set Focal Point
Edit Gradient
Demo -Working with Gradients
Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 4 - Working with Text
Working with Text
Adding Text
Text Options
Demo - Explore the Text Options by Creating Text
Editing Text
Format Text
Demo - Editing and Formatting Text
Breaking Text Apart
Demo - Breaking Text apart
Linking Text to a URL
Demo - Linking Horizontal Text to a URL
Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 5 - Using Layers and Importing
Using Layers and Importing
Working with Layers
Creating a Layer
Demo - Examine Layers
Layer Folders
Demo - Create and Move Items into a Layer Folder
Layer Properties
Demo - Layer Properties
Saving and Importing Colors
Import a Color Palette
Export a Color Palette
Importing Basics
Demo - Importing Objects
Chapter 5 Review
Chapter 6 - The Library and Symbols
The Library and Symbols
The Library Panel
Demo - Examine Library Panel
Working with Symbols
Demo -Working with Symbols and Nested Symbols
Converting Images to Symbols
Demo - Convert Existing Objects into Symbols
Editing Symbols
Demo - Explore Ways to Edit the Symbols
Chapter 6 Review
Chapter 7 - Timelines and Animations
Timelines and Animations
About Animation
Timeline Panel
Demo - Explore Timeline Panel
Planning Animation
Scenes in Animation
Demo - Examine Scenes and Discuss Organization Tips
Inserting Frames
Demo - Explore Basic Frames and Keyframes
Frame Rates
Simple Frame-by-Frame Animation
Demo - Create a Frame-by-Frame Animation
Chapter 7 Review
Chapter 8 - Motion Tweening
Motion Tweening
Motion Tween Options
Demo - Create a Motion Tween Animation and Review Options
Motion Tweening Along a Path
Demo - Create a Motion Tween Animation on a Path
Tweening to Rotate an Image
Demo - Create a Motion Tween and Rotate Image in an Animation
Adding Sound to a Motion Tween
Edit the Motion Tween
Demo - Adding Sound and Editing the Motion Tween
Chapter 8 Review
Chapter 9 - Shape Tweening
Shape Tweening
Shape Tween Options
Demo - Create a Shape Tween Animation and Review Options
Shape Hints
Demo - Using Shape Hints In a Shape Tween Animation
How to Create a Mask Layer
Demo - Create an Animated Layer Mask
Edit Shape Tween
Demo - Edit the Shape Tween
Chapter 9 Review
Chapter 10 - Movie Clip Symbols
Movie Clip Symbols
Graphic Symbols vs. Movie Clip Symbols
Creating Movie Clips from Scratch
Adding a Sound
Demo - Create a Movie Clip with Sound
Creating Movie Clips from Existing Animation
Demo - Create Movie Clips from Existing Movies
Adding a Movie Clip to the Flash Animation
Demo - Modify Instance of a Movie Clip
Chapter 10 Review
Chapter 11 - Button Symbols
Button Symbols
Creating a Button
Adding Animation
Demo - Create a Basic Button & Add Animation
Layers in a Button
Sounds in a Button
Demo - Create a Button and Add Layers and Sound
Adding a Movie Clip to an Animation
Button Actions
Demo - Add Button to Stage & Actions to the Button Instance
Chapter 11 Review
Chapter 12 - Publishing and Exporting the Flash Movie
Publishing and Exporting the Flash Movie
Exporting vs. Publishing
Demo - Explore Each View
Previewing in a Web Browser
Publish Preview
Publish Options
Demo - Review Publishing Options
Publish Profiles
Demo - Saving Custom Options
HTML Publishing Templates
Special HTML Features
Exporting Formats
Demo - HTML and Exporting
Chapter 12 Review
Course Closure