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Debbie Fierst

Tracy Berry - Has been involved graphic and web design for more than 15 years. She has utilized Adobe Photoshop on many different forms including the commercial print industry, however over the past years she has focused devoted its use primarily to web production. She has designed over 200 web sites, and in doing so has discovered many tips & tricks to improve both production and efficiency. In addition to Adobe Photoshop she is also an expert in Macromedia Flash as well as many other Macromedia products. In fact, she has been using many of the Macromedia and Adobe products since their genesis. Over the years she has demonstrated great versatility in these products, producing content of many different forms for many different types of clients.

Course Features:
Course Outline TXT
Course Introduction
Course Introduction
Chapter 1 - Getting to Know the Work Area
Getting to Know the Work Area
Illustrator Work Area
Illustrator Window
Creating a New Document
Demo - Create a New Document
Use Illustrator Tools
Demo - Explore Tools
Change the View of Artwork
Demo -Working with Views
Working with Palettes
Demo - Explore Palettes
Context Menus
Online Help
Adobe Help Center Window
Demo - Explore Help
Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 2 - Creating Basic Shapes
Creating Basic Shapes
Setting up the Document
Document Options
Demo - Setting up the Document
Draw Basic Shapes
Editing Shapes
Demo - Draw and Edit Basic Shapes
Rectangular Grid Tool
Drawing Tips
Create Shapes with Precision
Demo - Create Grid & Complex Shapes
Copy Shapes
Demo - Copy Shapes
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 3 - Painting
Filling and Stroking with Color
Toolbox Fill and Stroke Options
Demo - Filling and Stroking with Color
Building a Custom Color Palette
Color and Swatch Palettes
Building a Custom Swatch Library
Adding Colors to Custom Swatch Library
Demo - Building a Custom Color Palette
Appearance Palette
Copy Paint and Appearance Attributes
Demo - Copy Paint & Appearance Attrib
Paint with Patterns and Gradients
Paint Bucket Tool Note
Paint with Live Paint
Demo - Painting with Tools
Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 4 - Drawing with the Pen and Pencil Tool
Drawing with the Pen and Pencil Tool
Demo - Drawing and Path
Pen Tool
Drawing Straight Lines
Drawing Curves
Editing Paths
Editing Curves
Demo - Editing Curves
Use the Pencil Tool
Edit Pencil Tool Drawings
Pencil Mode Options
Demo - Using & Editing the Pencil Tool
Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 5 - Working with Brushes
Working with Brushes
The Brushes Palette
Applying Brushes to Paths
Demo - Applying Brushes to Paths
Art Brushes
Scatter Brushes
Calligraphic Brushes
Pattern Brushes
Changing Color Attributes of Brushes
Demo - Using Brushes & Brush Options
Painting with Symbols
Add or Delete Symbol Instances
Symbol Tool Options
Demo - Painting with Symbols
Creating Brushes
Create a Brush
Demo - Creating New Brushes
Chapter 5 Review
Chapter 6 - Transforming Objects
Transforming Objects
Origin Points
Stacking Order
Scaling Objects
Rotate Objects
Distorting Objects
Shearing Objects
Reflecting Objects
Demo - Transforming Objects
Positioning Objects Precisely
Demo - Positioning Objects Precisely
Use the Free Transform Tool
Demo - Free Transform Tool
Multiply Transformations
Transform Each Dialog Box
Demo - Making Multiple Transformations
Chapter 6 Review
Chapter 7 - Working with Type
Working with Type
Adding and Selecting Text
Character Palette
Paragraph Palette
Demo - Adding Text/Changing Attributes
Reshape Text with Envelope
Demo - Reshaping Text with Envelope
Create Columns of Type
Adjusting the Text Flow
Demo - Create Txt Columns/Adjust Flow
Wrapping Text
Wrap Text Around a Graphic
Demo -Wrapping Text Around a Graphic
Typing on a Path
Type Path Effects
Demo - Typing Along a Path
Chapter 7 Review
Chapter 8 - Blending Shapes and Colors
Blending Shapes and Colors
Gradient Palette
Create a Gradient
Demo - Create a Gradient
Adjusting the Gradient
Apply a Gradient in a Different Direction
Adding Colors to a Gradient
Demo - Adjust a Gradient & Add Colors
Create a Blend
Smooth Color Blends
Blending Intermediate Steps
Modify the Blend
Demo - Create and Adjust a Blend
Chapter 8 Review
Chapter 9 - Appearance Attributes, Styles & Effects
Appearance Attributes, Styles & Effects
Using Appearance Attributes
Appearance Palette
Demo - Using Appearance Attributes
Live Effects
Edit an Effect
Demo - Using and Editing Live Effects
Using Styles
Graphic Styles Palette
Copying Styles and Appearances
Applying Styles and Appearances
Removing Styles and Appearances
Demo - Styles and Appearances
Chapter 9 Review
Chapter 10 - Working with Layers Working with Layers
The Layers Palette
Creating Layers
Demo - Creating Layers
Moving Objects and Layers
Layer Properties
Demo - Moving Layers & Layer Properties
Pasting Layers
Grouping Layers
To Group or Ungroup
Demo - Paste and Grouping Layers
Apply Appearance Attributes to Layers
Chapter 10 Review
Chapter 11 - Creating Airbrush Effects
Creating Airbrush Effects
Mesh Object
Mesh Object Options
Painting with Mesh Tool
Create Gradient Mesh
Number of Mesh Lines
Applying Colors to the Mesh
Demo -Working with Mesh Tool
Edit Mesh Points
Reflecting Mesh Objects
Demo - Edit and Reflect Mesh Objects
Transparency in Mesh Objects
Demo - Transparency in Mesh Objects
Chapter 11 Review
Chapter 12 - Working with Paths and Masks
Working with Paths and Masks
Paths and Masks
Create a Compound Path
Demo - Explore Compound Paths
Convert a Stroke to Outlines
Demo - Convert a Stroke to Outlines
Pathfinder Commands
Demo - Explore Pathfinder Commands
Clipping Mask
Create a Clipping Mask
Demo - Create a Clipping Mask
Opacity Mask
Create an Opacity Mask
Demo - Create an Opacity Mask
Chapter 12 Review
Course Closure