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Bill Hatfield

Joe Tucker - Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCSE, MCT , CTT and CCNA).
Joe has taught classes ranging from MCSE classes to MCDBA, and is qualified to teach 11 different courses. Joe is a senior technical Consultant/Trainer with over 8 years in the IT certification training field. Currently Joe is responsible for delivering technical, MCSE 2000/2003 certification, customized computer training and consulting solutions to corporate clients throughout the United States and International venues.

Course Features:
Course Outline TXT

Level 1

Installing and Upgrading 38m 51s
1.1 Installing Exchange Server2003
1.2 Installing in a Clustered Environment
1.3 Management Tools and Utilities
1.4 Upgrading from Exchange 2000
Configuring and Managing 1h 41m
2.1 Creating and Applying Exchange Policies
2.2 Proactive Management
2.3 Adding, Removing, and Updating Servers
2.4 Managing in a Mixed Environment
Level 2
Securing Exchange Sever 47m 23s
1.1 Protecting Against Computer Viruses
1.2 Securing Mailboxes
1.3 Digital Signatures and Encryption
1.4 Configuring Firewalls
1.5 Configuring Administrative
1.6 Controlling Services
Managing Recipients 24m 14s
2.1 Exchange Recipients
2.2 Modifying Users and Contacts
2.3 Managing Mailboxes
Managing Public Folders 22m 22s
3.1 Managing Public Folder Data
3.2 Managing Access to Public Folders
3.3 Publishing Outlook Forms
Level 3
Managing Address Lists 22m 47s
1.1 Introduction to Address Lists
1.2 Customizing to Address Lists
Internet Client Access 23m 31s
2.2 Implementing Server Technology
2.3 Outlook Web Access
Managing Clients 28m 21s
3.1 Configuring Outlook
3.2 Calendaring in Outlook
3.3 Outlook Express
Level 4
Managing Routing 41m 56s
1.2 Configuring Routing
1.3 Internet Connectivity
1.4 Managing Internet Connectivity
Mobile Devices 9m 46s
2.1 Mobile Service Components
2.2 Users and Mobile Access
Disaster Recovery 24m 11s
3.1 Managing Data Storage
3.2 Managing Disk Space
3.3 Managing Hardware Upgrades
Level 5
Disaster Recovery 33m 17s
1.1 Planning for Disaster Recovery
1.2 Backing Up Exchange
1.3 Restoring Stores and Mailboxes
1.4 Restoring Exchange Servers
Prevented Maintenance 22m 20s
2.1 Daily Maintenance
2.2 Perforating Scheduled Maintenance
2.3 On-Demand Maintenance
Migrating from Exchange 19m 01s
3.1 Migrating NT 4.0 Users
3.2 Connecting the Exchange 5.5 Directory
3.3 Moving Mail Box and Public Folder