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  • 5 Sessions featuring live instructor-led classroom sessions with full audio, video and demonstration components
  • Printable courseware
  • MeasureUp Exam Simulator
  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
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Kevin Wolford - Mr. Wolford started his computer career in 1983. He has been a technical writer, network administrator, and trainer. Kevin spent many years with Novell and is a CNI and Master CNE. In 1998 Kevin founded Tech Training, giving him a chance to test his training ideas. He is also an MCSE, Microsoft Certified Trainer MCT, and is certified in SMS, SQL Server, TCP/IP, NT Workstation, NT Server, Exchange Server, Windows 9x and 2000. Kevin has authored Microsoft certification books for New Riders and Sybex. He owns a consulting company dedicated to teaching complex technical topics in a simple way. He was involved in the early stages of Windows.NET Server's development and beta testing.

Course Features:
Course Outline TXT
Level 1
Hardware Management
1.1 Device Manager
1.2 Control Panel
1.3 Driver Signing
Lab - Managing Driver Signing
Lab - Windows 2003 Server Installation
Disk Management
2.1 Disk Management Console
2.2 Disk Tools
Basic Disks
3.1 Partitions
3.2 Primary Partitions
3.3 Extended Partitions
Lab - Creating Basic Partition
Dynamic Disks
4.1 Volumes
4.2 Simple and Spanned Volumes
4.3 Stripped Volumes
4.4 Fault Tolerant Volumes
Lab - Creating Dynamic Volume
Lab - Extending Dynamic Volume
Lab - Disk Mirroring
Lab - Configuring Raid
Lab - Converting Basic Disk to Dynamic Disk
Level 2
Administrative Environment
1.1 MMC
1.2 Installing Tools
1.3 Active Directory Structure
Lab - Create MMC
User Accounts
2.1 Creating Accounts
2.2 Automated Account Creation
2.3 User Profiles
2.4 Logon Issues
Lab - User Account Setup
Lab - Organization Units
3.1 Group Scopes
3.2 Creating Groups
3.3 Automated Group Creation
3.4 Managing Groups
Lab - Add Users
Lab - Group Scopes
Level 3
Computer Accounts
1.1 Automating Account Creation
1.2 Joining Domains
1.3 Computer Account Issues
1.4 Creating Computer Accounts
Lab - Add Computer Account
Lab - Change Computer Properties
Lab - Join the Domain from Client
Lab - Move Computer Object
Using Groups
2.1 Local Groups
2.2 Permission Schemes
2.3 Permission Assignments
File Sharing
3.1 Creating Shares
3.2 Share Permissions
3.3 NTFS Permissions
3.4 Combining Permissions
Lab - Create a Shared Folder
Printer Management
4.1 Printer Sharing
4.2 Managing Printers
4.3 Special Printer Issues
Lab - Printer Setup
Level 4
System Monitoring
1.1 Task Manager 1.2 Event Viewer 1.3 Key Performance Counters 1.4 System Monitor 1.5 System Optimization
Software Management
2.1 Updates
2.2 Web Server Configuration
2.3 Disk Quotas
2.4 Software Licensing
Remote Management
3.1 Remote Tools
3.2 Terminal Services
Level 5
Automatic System Recovery
1.1 Creating an ASR Set
1.2 Using ASR
2.1 Backup Schemes
2.2 Making Backups
2.3 Managing Backups
2.4 Restoring from Backup
Recovery Tools
3.1 Boot Process
3.2 Recovery Console
3.3 Shadow Copies