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Debbie Fierst

Debbie Fierst - Has been actively teaching Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, and Microsoft Project for more than 5 years. She has been actively doing web design since it became a real force in the early 90's. Debbie has created over 100 web sites utilizing many different web technologies, including but not limited to ColdFusion, ASP.Net, HTML, XML, and JavaScript. In terms of project management she has effectively provided strategies to the US Air Force, National Security Agency, as well as other corporate clients. She has implemented many of these strategies in her own web development firm.

Course Features:
Course Outline TXT
Course Introduction
Course Introduction
Chapter 1 - Getting Started with Microsoft Project
Getting Started with Microsoft Project
Defining Project Management
Identifying Project Management Phases
The Project 2003 Window
Demo - Starting Project 2003
Opening a Project 2003 File
The View Bar
Gantt Chart View
Calendar View
Form Views
A Combination View
Demo - Navigating Views
Using Office Assistant
The Help Task Pane
Demo - Using Help
Closing Files and Closing Project 2003
Demo - Closing Files and Project 2003
Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 2 - Creating Projects
Creating Projects
Demo - Creating a New Project File
Project Summary & Project Information
Base Calendars
Creating a New Base Calendar
Change Working Time Dialog Box
Demo - Creating a New Base Calendar
Saving Project Files
Setting Default Folder and Auto Save
Demo - Saving a Project File
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 3 - Working with Tasks
Working with Tasks
Task Lists
Inserting Tasks
Task Duration
Demo - Adding Tasks and Durations
Task Types
Demo - Changing a Task Type
PERT Analysis
Using the PERT Analysis Toolbar
Demo - Calculating Estimated Duration
Deleting Tasks
Rearranging Task Lists
Demo - Moving a Task
Milestone Tasks
Demo - Setting a Milestone
Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 4 - Outlining Task Lists
Outlining Task Lists
Task Hierarchy
Outlining a Task
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Indenting and Outdenting Tasks
Hiding and Unhiding Subtasks
Demo - Hiding and Unhiding Subtasks
Adding a Project Summary Task
Demo - Adding a Project Summary Task
WBS Codes
Demo -WBS Codes
Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 5 - Assigning Task Relationships
Assigning Task Relationships
Task Links
Task Dependencies
Linking & Unlinking Tasks
Demo - Linking and Unlinking Tasks
Changing Predecessors
Demo - Changing Predecessors
Lead versus Lag Time
Demo - Adding Lead and Lag Time
Recurring Tasks
Demo - Adding Recurring Tasks
Chapter 5 Review
Chapter 6 - Creating Resources
Creating Resources
The Resource Sheet
Resource Sheet Details
Demo - Creating Resources
Resource Calendar
Demo - Creating a Resource Calendar
Chapter 6 Review
Chapter 7 - Assigning Resources
Assigning Resources
Assigning Resources
Demo - Assign Single Resource to Task
Assigning a Resource to Multiple Tasks
Demo - Assign Mult. Tasks & Resources
The Resource Pool
The Share Resources Dialog Box
Demo - Share Resources - Another Proj.
Effort-Driven Schedules
Demo - effort-driven/non-effort-driven tasks
Chapter 7 Review
Chapter 8 - Using Constraints and Deadlines
Using Constraints and Deadlines
Task Constraints
Constraint Types
Demo - Setting a Task Constraint
Task Calendars
Demo - Creating/Applying Task Calendar
Setting Deadlines
Demo - Setting a Deadline
Chapter 8 Review
Chapter 9 - Evaluating and Adjusting Resources
Evaluating and Adjusting Resources
Resource Overallocation
Adding the Overallocation Field
A Sample Resource Usage View
Demo - Identifying Overallocation
Resource Leveling
Leveling a Resource Manually
A Sample Resource Allocation View
Demo - Leveling Resources Manually
Split a Task
Demo - Splitting a Task
Chapter 9 Review
Chapter 10 - Evaluating and Adjusting Time Factors
Evaluating and Adjusting Time Factors
Demo - Displaying Slack in a Plan
Critical Tasks
Network Diagram with Critical Tasks
Zooming Network Diagram View
Demo - Displaying the Critical Path
Methods for Adjusting Time
Delay Resource Work
Demo - Delaying Resource Work
Assign Overtime to a Resource
Demo - Assigning Overtime
Types of Costs
Demo - Using the Cost Table
Methods for Adjusting Costs
Demo - Adjusting Costs
Chapter 10 Review
Chapter 11 - Tracking Progress
Tracking Progress
Baseline Plan
Project Statistics
Demo - Saving a Baseline Plan
Update Percentage of Task Completed
Demo - Updating Task Completion %
Update Tasks that are in Progress
Update Actual Start and Finish Dates
Demo - Update Actual Start/Finish Dates
View Progress in Network Diagram View
Demo - View Progress in Network Diagram
Update the Actual Work Performed
Demo - Update Actual Work Performed
Earned Value
The Earned Value Table
Demo - Display the Earned Value Table
Demo - Displaying Slippage in a Plan
Chapter 11 Review
Chapter 12 - Working with Project Views
Working with Project Views
Modify a Bar Style
The Bar Styles Dialog Box
Demo - Modifying a Bar Style
Format a Timescale
Custom Views
Customize Network Diagram View
Demo - Create Custom Network Diagram View
Demo - Create New Table from Existing
Inserting and Deleting Table Columns
Hiding Columns
Demo - Modifying a Table
Using Custom Fields
Demo - Creating Custom Fields
Demo - Sharing a Filter Between Projects
The Drawing Toolbar
Demo - Using the Drawing Toolbar
Using Organizer
Copy Project Elements a Specific Project
Demo - Organizer
Chapter 12 Review
Chapter 13 - Customizing Printed Views and Reports
Customizing Printed Views and Reports
Print the Current View
Demo - Printing the Current View
Demo - Printing a Report
Create a Custom Report
The Crosstab Report
Demo - Creating a Custom Report
Run a Report Macro
The Record Macro Dialog Box
The Macros Dialog Box
Demo - Running a Macro
Chapter 13 Review
Course Closure