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  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
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Tom Bonomo is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Tom has 30 years experience directing, application development, architecture, design, project management.  Training delivered to thousands of students in bootcamp, immersion, custom and traditional formats, in academic, corporate and government markets, globally, in all industries.

Course Features:
Course Outline TXT
Module 1
Introduction to Visual Studio 2005
Visual Studio 2005
Productivity Enhancements
Demo - Using the Lab Toolkit
Demo - Reuse Code with Code Snippets
Demo - Supplier Code & Components
Demo - Replace Classes with Generics
Lab - Importing Settings
Module 1 - Review
Module 2
Building SQL Server 2005 Managed Code
CLR Integration with SQL Server 2005
SQL Server Projects
Demo - Building Managed Code
Demo - Managed Stored Procedure
Demo - Debugging Managed Code
Demo -Working with XML Data
Demo - Creating an XML Schema
Demo - Publishing an XML Schema
Demo - Validating and Processing XML
Best Practices
Lab - Creating an SQL Project
Module 2 - Review
Module 3
Building Data Components
Enhancements in ADO.NET 2.0
Wizards & Designers in VS 2005
Demo - Accessing Data using ADO.NET
Demo - Data Wizards
Demo - Transact SQL Statements
Lab - Configure a Data Source
Module 3 - Review
Module 4
Building Applications with Windows Forms
Enhanced Design-Time Operations
Improved Controls and Components
Improved Data-Binding Model
Built-in Asynchronous Programming
Miscellaneous Significant New Features
ClickOnce Feature
ClickOnce Benefits and Features
Windows Forms Data Binding
Demo - Data Binding / Master Data
Demo - Data Binding / Displaying Details
Demo - Queries Using Parameters
Demo - DataSet Designer and Editing
Demo - Expanding Our Application
Demo - Asynchronous Calls
Demo - Publishing an Application
Demo - Installing an Application
Lab - Rapid Application Development Techniques
Module 4 - Review
Module 5
Building ASP.NET 2.0 Applications
New Data Source Controls
How to Retrieve Relational Data
Data Binding & Relational Data
Retrieving XML Data
Introducing Master Pages
Introducing Site Navigation
Introducing Themes
Membership and Role Management
ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool
ASP.NET 2.0 Data Binding Demos
Demo - Creating a Web Application
Demo - Advanced Web Site Features
Demo - Membership / Role Management
Lab - Building a Web Site using New Web Controls
Module 5 - Review
Course Closure