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MOS Certification

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Access 2010
Excel 2010
Word 2010

  • Combining audio, animation, and software simulation with a unique user interface to make the "discovery" of computer programs both effective and entertaining.
  • Officially Authorized Microsoft Practice Exams(Value at $195)
  • Exclusive LearningZone Live Mentor (Value at $195) Help whenever you need it! Exclusive LearningZone - Why wait for email support? Chat Live with our Certified Instructors anytime around the clock (24x7)
  • Free 1 Year Upgrade Policy

  • Main Menu
    Move through hours of in-depth content - quickly and easily due to the efficient and organized structure.
  • Exclusive Learning Zone
    Train around the clock, around the world. Our certified online instructors are located at global support centers in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Singapore to provide real-time answers to technology- and soft-skill-related questions 24x7. This means access to a live subject matter expert no matter where you are - day or night. This level of student/instructor interaction provides real-time training specific support and extends training beyond content and instructor-led solutions by providing flexibility to accommodate individual needs and schedules.
  • Labs
    This course features cutting-edge, interactive labs, which provide a hands-on learning experience. This environment allows you to interact with the software with out the need for purchasing it or having it installed on your computer.
  • Test
    DiscoverWare's test feature lets you track your progress as you learn. You can assess your proficiency at any time: before, during, or after completing a course. Your results are saved for future reference. Tests are available for individual categories, as well as the entire course.
  • Bookmarks
    By displaying your progress, DiscoverWare tracks which topics you've completed. Each time you return to DiscoverWare, you can start from the beginning or from where you left off.
  • Controls
    Move forward or back, repeat entire topics or just a section. A progress bar illuminates as you advance through exercises.

  • Glossary
    Need a term defined? This unique glossary includes links to related information in the course. The ultimate "just-in-time" reference, DiscoverWare's Glossary is what on-line help and tutorials should have been in the first place.
  • About
    Click the logo button to display a number of options, including a link to DiscoverWare's website. Here you will find updates, registration and other valuable training offerings exclusive to DiscoverWare users.
  • Exercises
    Practice makes perfect! Hands-on exercises, seamlessly integrated into DiscoverWare's explanations, let you practice using many software features. DiscoverWare's interactive exercises provide step-by-step instruction, making any software easier to learn.
  • Help
    Click the ? for a 'user-friendly' explanation of any feature or function of DiscoverWare.