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Debbie Fierst

Tracy Berry - Has been involved graphic and web design for more than 15 years. She has utilized Adobe Photoshop on many different forms including the commercial print industry, however over the past years she has focused devoted its use primarily to web production. She has designed over 200 web sites, and in doing so has discovered many tips & tricks to improve both production and efficiency. In addition to Adobe Photoshop she is also an expert in Macromedia Flash as well as many other Macromedia products. In fact, she has been using many of the Macromedia and Adobe products since their genesis. Over the years she has demonstrated great versatility in these products, producing content of many different forms for many different types of clients.

Course Features:
Course Outline TXT
Course Introduction
Course Introduction
Chapter 1 - The Photoshop
The Photoshop Environment
Raster and Vector Graphics
Demo - Raster and Vector Graphics
Photoshop Environment
Navigating in Photoshop
Demo - Navigating in Photoshop
Using Palettes
Demo - Viewing the Palette Options
Smart Objects
Demo - Create a Smart Object
Undoing Previous Steps
Demo -Working with History Palette
Photoshop Help
The Adobe Help Center Window
Demo - Photoshop Help
Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 2 - Sizing Images and Adjusting Image Quality
Sizing Images and Adjusting Quality
Image Size and Resolution
Resizing an Image
Demo - Resizing an Image
Cropping an Image
Adjusting Canvas Size
Demo - Cropping an Image
Demo - View a Histogram
Levels Adjustment with the Histogram
Levels Adjustment Layer
Demo - Two Methods for Level Adjusting
Smart Sharpen
Demo - Smart Sharpen
Demo - Variations Method for Color
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 3 - Selecting Image Areas
Selecting Image Areas
Rectangular & Elliptical Selection Tools
Demo - Create with the Selection Tools
Lasso Tools
Demo - Create with the Lasso Tools
Magic Wand Tool
Demo - Create with the Magic Wand
Saving a Selection
Loading a Selection
Demo - Save and Load Selections
Modify a Selection
Activating Selection Buttons
Demo - Modify Selections
Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 4 - Creating Image Composites with Layers
Creating Image Composites with Layers
Fixed vs. Floating
Demo - Floating VS Fixed Selections
Copy a Selection
Demo - Copy and Create New Layers
The Layer Palette Icons
Demo - Examine the Layers Palette
Linked Layers
Demo - Linking Layers
Transforming a Selection or Layer
Demo - Transform a Layer or Selection
Copy Between Images
Demo - Copy Between Images
Arrange Layers
Demo - Rearrange Layers
Saving in Photoshop Format
Demo - Save a File in Photoshop Format
Chapter 4 Review

Chapter 5 - Image Modes and Blending Composite Images
Image Modes and Blending Images
Defringing Edges
Defringing a Layer
Demo - Defringing Edges
Demo - Feather Edges
Blending Modes
Demo - Blending Modes
Color Modes
Demo - Color Modes
Grayscale and Bitmap
Demo - Explore Grayscale and Bitmap
The Channels Palette
Demo - Examples of Channels
Chapter 5 Review
Chapter 6 - Color and Painting
Color and Painting
Color Palette
Select Color with the Color Palette
Demo - Selecting Colors
Painting Tools
Demo - Painting with the Paint Tools
Clone Stamp Tool
Demo - Clone Stamp Tool
Healing Brush
Demo - Healing Brush
Patch Tool
Demo - Patch Tool
Vanishing Point Filter
Vanishing Point Window
Demo - Vanishing Point
Chapter 6 Review
Chapter 7 - Enhancing Images with Text and Special Effects
Enhancing Images with Text and Effects
Creating Type Layers
Demo - Creating Type
Layer Effects
Demo - Layer Effects
Demo - Using Filters
Merge and Flatten Layers
Demo - Merge and Flatten Layers
Saving for Print
Saving an Image in TIFF Format for Print
Demo - Saving for Print
Saving for the Web
Demo - Saving for Web
Chapter 7 Review
Course Closure