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Course Outline TXT
PowerPoint 2003 Basics
Introducing PowerPoint 2003
Office 2003 Overview
PowerPoint 2003 Overview
Screen Layout
The PowerPoint Window
Screen Layout
The Task Pane
Presentation Views
Changing Views
Normal View
Slide Sorter View
Slide Show View
Manage Presentation Files
Saving A Presentation
Save A Copy Of A Presentation
Open A Presentation
Help In PowerPoint 2003
Microsoft Office Online
Type A Question For Help
PowerPoint Help Task Pane
Detect And Repair
Create Presentations
Create A New Presentation
The New Presentation Task Pane
Use The AutoContent Wizard
Use A Design Template
Use Multiple Design Templates
Using An Existing Presentation
Use A Microsoft Word Outline
Modify A Presentation Design
Modifying Presentation Designs
Add Slides & Modify Layouts
Apply & Edit Color Schemes
Modifying The Background
Work With Slides
Insert Slides From Another
Rearranging & Deleting Slides
Work With Slide Masters
Slide Masters
Work With A Slide Master
Insert & Modify Text
Add Text To Slides
Using Text In A Presentation
Add Text To Slides
Add Text From Another Program
Use Editing Tools
The Spelling Checker
Find & Replace Text
Format Text
Text Formatting
Format Text
Format Painter
Change Text Alignment
Embed Fonts
Work With Lists
Using Numbered Lists
Formatting Bulleted Lists
Work With Outlines
Edit Outlines
Graphics, Media, Animations & Hyperlinks
Add Drawing Objects
The Drawing Toolbar
Add & Modify A Drawing Object
Add Images
Using Images
Add & Modify An Image
Add Charts & Tables
Charts & Tables
Create A Chart
Modifying A PowerPoint Chart
Insert An Excel Chart
Creating & Formatting Tables
Insert A Word Table
Add Sound & Video
Sound & Video
Add A Sound Clip
Add A Video Clip
Add Animations & Transitions
Using Images
Add & Modify An Image
Add Hyperlinks
Create & Use A Hyperlink
Final Preparations
Send A Presentation For Review
Presentation Reviews
Protecting Your Presentation
E-mail A Presentation For Review
Merging Presentation Reviews
View Comments & Apply Changes
Create A Custom Show
Custom Slide Shows
Hide Slides
Create A Custom Show
Prepare Support Materials
Support Materials
Create Speaker Notes
Deliver Presentations
Delivering Your Presentation
Delivering Presentations
Package A Presentation For CD
Packaging A Presentation
Package A Presentation For A CD
Unpacking A CD Presentation
Deliver A Speaker-Led Presentation
Delivering A Speaker-Led
Use The Slide Show Controls
Create A Self-Running Presentation
Self-Running Presentations
Create A Self-Running Presentation
Create A Web Presentation
Web Presentations
Preview A Presentation In A Web Browser
Single File Web Page vs. HTML Web Page
Convert A Presentation To Web Format
Broadcast A Presentation
Online Broadcasts
Set Up & Schedule A Broadcast
Broadcast A Live Presentation