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Bill Hatfield

Chris Payne- Mr. Payne is a professional trainer with experience delivering all types of content. His experience derived from his involvement in the development of training, including web-based training. In a previous job, Mr. Payne used Microsoft Office, specifically Publisher 2003 and FrontPage 2003, to develop a website for a fortune 500 company.


Course Features:
Course Outline TXT
Course Training
1.1 Getting Started
Lab - Cerate a New Publication
1.2 Working with Text Boxes
Lab - Use Text Boxes
Lab - Use Text Boxes
1.3 Inserting and Formatting Objects
Lab - Insert Objects
1.4 Text Formatting Tools 1
Lab - Layout Guides and Drop Caps
1.5 Text Formatting Tools 2
Lab - Use Text Wrapping
1.6 Page Layout Tools
Lab - Change the Background
Lab - Format the Master Page
1.7 Layout Guides
Lab - Use Grid Guides and Tables
1.8 Advanced Text Box Features
Lab - Use Advanced Text Features
1.9 Printing form Publisher
Lab - Print from Publisher
1.10 Other Output Options
1.11 Summary