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Sandra Batakis

Sandra Batakis - A+ Trainer, MCT, MCSE, CIW 
Sandra is a Senior Microsoft Certified Instructor with over 10 years in the IT certification training and courseware development field. She has offered a wide variety of IT training and high level consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies. She possesses extensive hands-on IT experience including working with building computer networking infrastructure, configuring LAN, WAN and Internet security gateways, Implementing and migrating to Microsoft Exchange 5, 2000,2003 and the new Exchange 2007. She has delivered numerous Microsoft, CompTIA and Adobe classroom-based as well as online Boot Camps and Seminars across the United.

Course Features:
Course Outline TXT
Course Introduction
Course Introduction
Chapter 1 - Exploring the New Interface
Exploring the New Interface
New Interface
Demo - New Interface
Starting Up
Leaving Your Computer
Demo - Leaving Your Computer
Starting Programs
Finding Documents & Files
Demo - Documents & Files
Demo - Advanced Search Options
Switching Between Programs and Windows
Demo - Keyboard and Mouse
Shortcut Menus
Help and Support
Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 2 - Programs and Documents
Programs and Documents
Starting Programs
Demo - Programs Documents
Input Panels and Tablets
Sticky Notes and Journal
Demo - Input Panels and Tablets
Sidebar and Gadgets
Demo - Sidebar and Gadgets
Running Commands
Demo - Running Commands
Windows Calendar
Demo -Windows Calendar
Internet Explorer
Finding a Web Page
Opening Multiple Web Pages
Setting Multiple Web Pages as Home Page Tabs
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 3 - Working with Pictures, Sound and Music
Working with Pictures, Sound and Music
Working with Pictures (Windows Photo Gallery)
Finding, Labeling & Tagging your Pictures
Photo Information
Demo - Finding, Labeling & Tagging your Pictures
Importing Photos from your Camera
Managing your Photos
Creating a Multimedia Slide Show of your Pictures
Playing a Music CD
Directing your Computer with Voice Commands
Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 4 - Printing and Scanning
Printing and Scanning
Printing a Document
Setting a Default Printer
Printing Pictures
Demo - Printing Pictures
Printing Web Pages
XPS Documents
Demo - XPS Documents
Scanning a Document
Steps to Scanning
Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 5 - Managing Files and Folders
Managing Files and Folders
Windows Views
Sorting Files and Folders
Viewing File Information
Demo - Views
Classifying your Files
Navigation of Folders
Folder Links
Demo - Folder Links
Finding Folders
Organizing Files
Demo - Folders
Sharing Files
Demo - Sharing Files
Recovering Deleted Item
Demo - Recovering Deleted Item
Flash Drives and Removable Memory
Demo - Flash Drives and Removable Memory
Chapter 5 Review
Course Closure